12 hours
Labuan Bajo

One day tour with Bajodo fast boat will take you to visit 6 of the most popular tourist destinations including: Padar Island, Komodo Island, Pink Beach, Taka Makasar Island, Manta Point, Kanawa Island

Together with the Bajodo fast boat we will not mix you up with other tourists, this private ship only serves you
Your safety, comfort and happiness in enjoying marine tourism in Labuan Bajo is our priority

Padar Island is the largest island in the Komodo National Park, this location is one hour's cruise by Bajodo boat from Labuan Bajo port
the activities of tourists on Padar Island doing trekking and hiking with a distance of 30 minutes are a bit tiring but after arriving at the top, your eyes will be spoiled by enjoying the beautiful views of three beaches at once from the top of the hill
after from Padar Island we will continue our journey to Komodo Island

Komodo Island is in the Komodo National Park and on this island there are rare Komodo dragons which are one of the 7 wonders of the world.
If you enter this island, you will be directed to witness the life of Komodo dragons in wild and natural forests guided by rangers from the Komodo National Park.
you will be given 3 choices of travel routes: short trekking, medium trekking, long trekking.
On this island also provides souvenirs that are sold by the local community

PINK BEACH This beach has the color of sand, which is pink. In addition to the unique sand, the underwater view is amazing. There are lots of marine life, beautiful coral reefs here.
you can snorkel in this place to be part of an unforgettable experience

Taka Makassar is a unique uninhabited white sand island that appears in the middle of the sea and Taka Makassar is one of the destinations in Labuan Bajo
you can swim and take photos in this place
the distance taken from PINK BEACH to Taka Makassar is 20 minutes
after from Taka Makasar we will continue the adventure to the MANTA POINT for about 5 minutes

Manta Point is the best snorkeling spot in Labuan Bajo
This spot is amazing with natural sea views. You can meet colonies of manta rays at this spot
from this spot we will continue the journey towards the last to KANAWA ISLAND

On this island, you can snorkel to your heart's content and enjoy the beauty of the coral reefs and the colorful fish. It is recommended that you bring an underwater camera to save this memory.
after from Kanawa Island the journey continues back to the port of Labuan Bajo


Top Highlights
  • Padar Island 
  • Pink Beach 
  • Komodo Island
  • Taka Makasar
  • Manta Point
  • Kanawa Island
Tour Schedule

Labuan Bajo - Pulau Padar - Pink Beach- Pulau Komodo - Taka Makasar - Manta Point - Pulau Kanawa - Labuan Bajo



  • Pick-up fee from the hotel to the port
    Have lunch
    Drinking water
    Snorkel equipment
    Cold drinks


  • EXCLUDES : Komodo National Park entry ticket
    Tour Guide


What to Bring

- Suncream

-Trekking Shoes





The internerary can change at any time according to natural weather during the on tour

-Prices can change at any time if there is an increase in the price of fuel oil nationally or an increase in other tour components


Start From
IDR 8.500.000
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Greetings from Labuan Bajo. bajodo is a company domiciled in Labuan Bajo, which provides Speed ​​Boats and Fishing which can reach some of the most famous tourist attractions, and the most favorite tourist attractions for tourists to visit.

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